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Studio Education

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Four Studios

Y-GSA is a two-year graduate-school master's program based on studio education. Four studios taught by professors and design assistants start simultaneously each term, that is, in April and October. Students select the studios they will participate in for half a year on the basis of explanations of studio problems at the orientation held at the beginning of each term. Students must take four different studios, one after another, and pass them all before they complete the program. One of the four studios may be replaced and equivalent credits acquired through internship at an architectural office or a research or educational institution in Japan or overseas.

 A portfolio, to be organized on the basis of a short essay written on a theme common to the four studios taken by the student, is to be presented and examined at the completion of the program. For details, see "Necessary Conditions for Qualification and Completion" on the page concerning admission and completion.Four Studio Picture

A Distinctive Program Whose Theme Is the City

Studios engage in design assignments that have the city and architecture as their theme. For example, in collaboration with Yokohama City, real urban problems that the city is confronting today are incorporated in studio assignments. In addition, problems confronting various districts will be reexamined from both global and local perspectives and clues to solutions that are not bound by existing systems will be identified while field work is undertaken in the city. The question of what would make a city a richer place in the future, given the history, identity, lifestyle and culture of a particular district, will be pursued, and architectural proposals for a new era will be sought.

The Y-GSA program offers a diverse curriculum. In addition to the above studios, it includes two workshops that also have the city as their theme, Workshop A (Theory) and Workshop B (Practice), undertaken in collaboration with architectural schools overseas; an Independent Studio that is set up for a project; and Yokohama Architectural and Urban Studies, an omnibus lecture series to which experts from diverse fields are invited.Yokohama Inner Harbor Area
Yokohama Inner Harbor Area