Y-GSA Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

Entering and Completing Y-GSA


Entrance Examination (This information is for the Admission in October 2015 and April 2016 )

◆Admission for Japanese/International students

Examination Schedule, Application Documents

Detailed information such as the examination schedule and application documents are published in the application guidelines distributed in early May each year. The application guidelines can be found on the Yokohama National University Urban YNU home page. Admission is in April and October; October admissions are offered if the program does not have a full quota of students. Details concerning the entrance examination are also provided on the Y-GSA website.

Scholastic Achievement Test (Total Score: 600 points)

Academic Exam (200 points)

Applicants of regular admission must select six subjects from among twelve subjects available.

1) Architectural history

2) Architecture and planning

3) Urban planning

4) Urban environmental management and planning

5) Architectural environmental engineering

6) Building materials and construction system

7) Structural mechanics of buildings

8) Structural planning of buildings

9) Visual Media Studies

10) Audio Media Studies

11) Literary Studies

12) Performance Studies

Applicants of Special admission for international students can select English essay instead of the above six subjects.

On-the-spot design (200 points)
This is an examination of the ability to produce an architectural concept for a given problem in five hours. The task is to express an architectural idea freehand. The applicant presents the result at the interview.

Portfolio and Interview (100 points)
The portfolio is to consist of two or more architectural works they have created, and undergo an oral assessment in that regard.

English (100 points)
Prospective applicants will be asked to submit TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores.

◆Japanese government scholarship(Monbukagakusho scholarship) for international students

We recommend getting Japanese government scholarship(Monbukagakusho scholarship) for international students. Please refer to the following page and check the admission procedure.


Necessary Conditions for Qualification and Completion

Y-GSA is a two-year graduate-school master's program with a quota of 18 students. A student receives a master's degree on acquiring the requisite number of credits. Studios are required, and credits (six credits for each studio) are awarded each term. To complete the Y-GSA program, a student must acquire a total of at least 40 credits by passing all four studios administered by different teachers and taking related subjects or standard subjects. A student may not take two studios simultaneously. Failure in one studio postpones completion of the program by half a year. Credits equivalent to one of the four studios may be acquired through internship. There is no master's thesis or master's design, but portfolios are examined at the completion of the program. A portfolio, to be organized on the basis of a short essay written on a theme common to the four studios taken by the student, must be presented.

The above-mentioned necessary conditions for completion of Y-GSA also assure sufficient credits to satisfy the requirement that, before being allowed to take a first-class architect examination, an individual have two years of practical experience.