Y-GSA Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

Teppei Fujiwara

Architecture that Generates an Indigenous Life and Culture

Traveling in cities throughout the world, one encounters festive events in which buildings and urban spaces play an essential role. Historical festivals are not the only events that provide experiences in which the entire city is like a theater; programs being tried in diverse fields such as techno-events, film festivals and contemporary art have endowed urban spaces with a new vitality. At times, one comes across an attractive commercial city where a market fills up an entire block. Such spectacle-like conditions, when studied, are sometimes found to originate in an architectural idea provided with a new program.

In the Fujiwara Studio, field work will be undertaken first in the city. Architecture and places such as streets and plazas-which can be said to be architecture in a broad sense-that are suggestive of a life and culture unique to that district will be observed and studied. At the same time, research will be conducted into new programs or forms of tourism utilizing the city that are being developed throughout the world. An architecture that resonates with the structure of the city and generates a life and culture that can only be experienced there will be conceived and an architecture that one would sincerely want to visit will be created.

Teppei Fujiwara Profile

photo of Teppei Fujiwara

Born in Yokohama, 1975. Completed master's program, Yokohama National University. At Kengo Kuma & Associates from 2001; in charge of projects in over 20 cities throughout the world including Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Tiffany Ginza, Sanlitun SOHO, Asakusa Culture and Tourist Information Center, Besançon City of Arts and Culture, Regional Contemporary Art Fund, Marseilles, and V&A at Dundee. Established Teppei Fujiwara Architects Labo, 2009. Director, Drifters International, an NPO, since 2010; has engaged in new projects created through a fusion of different art forms such as fashion, architecture, dance and performance in numerous cities. Associate professor, Y-GSA, since 2012.