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Kumiko Inui

New Parts and Whole.

In the Inui studio, I wish to consider what kind of “parts and whole” fits for society and urban space in our time. Because, no matter how the times change, how we combine parts and whole is always very important issue for architects.

Once, with the lobo students at another university, I conducted the study called “Little Spaces” (“Leaning from small landscapes” is the Japanese title). From top to bottom we researched places and parts where we can see people’s activities. Cases are not only fairly common architectural parts such as windowsills or benches, but also a dike (that is to say civil engineering structure) used as a hangout for neighbors, a very tidy community dump yard which has become the face of a community (that is to say program based place) and so on. Among those cases, maybe because those generating processes are incidental and subtle, we found lots of examples that are difficult to abstract those characteristic features. In other words, they are too raw to be distinguished as “Little Spaces”, and I am not the only one who find strong modernity in those cases. Then, I think we, architects living in the modern era, must strive to establish new “whole” which can be permissively embrace such row and delicate “parts”.

Keeping such perspectives in mind, the Inui studio will start with looking back on Dutch Structuralism that consciously pursued “parts and whole” and other trials of subsequent architects. Also we might research simplicity and complexity of the structure of nature by inquiring into such as Ecology. Through a wide range research with participants, I would like consider new relationship between “parts and whole.”

Kumiko Inui Profile

photo of Kumiko Inui

Born in Osaka Prefecture, 1958. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture,1992. Completed the Master Course, Yale School of Architecture, 1996. Worked at Jun Aoki and Associates, 1996〜2000. Founded Office of Kumiko Inui,2000. Associate Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture,2011-March2016. Since April 2016 professor, Y-GSA. Her many works include Dior Ginza, 2004 (1st Prize, Outer Wall Reform Contest); Apartment I,2008(Shin-Kenchiku Prize); Flower Shop H,2009(Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Association Prize, Good Design Gold Award JIA New Architect Award , BCS Award)Kyoai Commons,2011(Good Design Award) Shichigahama Junior High School,2012.