Y-GSA Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

Kazuhiro Kojima

Buildings and Cities, Works of Engineering and Interiors

The spaces people experience of course do not fall into neat categories such as buildings, cities, interiors and works of engineering. They appear to us simultaneously, and we pass through them seamlessly in the course of a day in no particular sequence. Classifications arise nonetheless because designers and architects are enmeshed in systems. Systems exert pressure through education, laws and other conventions. However, people who live and experience spaces could not care less about such things. Many constraints are imposed on those who would design.

Spaces can be described, for example, by activities. Activities constantly cut across boundaries. Air, light, water and forces (i.e. structure) do not respect boundaries either. By designing from such a point of view, I wish to consider a freedom that transcends fictional, necessary evils such as systems, education and laws.

Y-GSA is a place that has been carefully prepared for such experiments. The priority here is to be ready to deal with anything but to act with specific, immediate targets in mind. The question is how will things one has considered and practiced in a studio resonate in the world of today or the near-future.

Kazuhiro Kojima Profile

photo of Kazuhiro Kojima

Born in Osaka Prefecture, 1958. Completed master's program, University of Tokyo, 1984. While in doctoral course in that university, jointly established Coelacanth in 1986 (later C+A; since 2005, CAt). Associate professor, Tokyo University of Science, 1994; professor, Tokyo University of Science, 2005-March 2011. Since April 2011, professor, Y-GSA. His many works include Utase Elementary School, 1995 (AIJ Prize); Space Block Kamishinjo, 1998 (ARCASIA Gold Prize); Space Block Hanoi Model, 2003; Liberal Arts & Science College, 2004; Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture, 2006~ (Global Holcim Awards Silver 2009).