Y-GSA Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

Yokohama Architectural and Urban Studies

Concerning Yokohama Architectural and Urban Studies

The objective is to discuss architecture, the city and society as interrelated subjects in order to consider what the future of architecture and the city ought to be. This is an omnibus lecture series to which not only Japanese and foreign architects but experts from many different fields including city planners, sociologists, philosophers, critics will be invited.

This lecture series is administered jointly by three courses of specialization in Architectural and Urban Culture: "Architectural and Urban Culture Course," "Architectural and Urban Design Course Y-GSA," and "Yokohama Urban Culture Course Y-GSA." Themes that deal with and elaborate on architectural and urban concepts will be selected for the eight lectures in the first term and the eight lectures in the second term. This is a program that enables one to reconstruct the worldview that provides the context for the city, architecture and culture and to recognize the reach of architectural concepts. One lecture per term will be open to students from other universities and citizens of Yokohama with the aim of heightening public interest in architecture and the city.